Getting Started with R and RStudio

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5 min readApr 3, 2022

A brief tutorial regarding how to set up R and RStudio

In our previous article on R, we provided a brief introduction to programming, programming languages, and R. In this article, we wanted to dive into how to get started with R by covering the RStudio IDE and the different ways to run R code.

Downloading R
The first step in getting started with R is to download R to your computer. R can be downloaded from the R project website. To facilitate downloading, the R project provides multiple mirrors across the world. Picking the mirror closest to you will allow for a faster download. After selecting a mirror, simply click to download the R binary for your operating system and follow the set up instructions!

The R Project R Download page

What’s the purpose of an IDE?
Now that we have downloaded R and before we discuss RStudio, it is important to talk about what an IDE is. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are tools that help facilitate writing code. Think of an IDE as like driving an automatic transmission car compared to driving manual. While you don’t need automatic transmission to drive a car, having automatic transmission makes driving much easier compared to driving manual. In the same way, IDE’s facilitate coding as compared to coding using a simple text editor.



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